LIVESTREAM (1/29/14 NSFW 18+)

Working on the Prince Commission again. Second day in a row. Baby steps guys.

Livestream! - Prince Again! (1/28/14) NSFW 18+

Working on a princely commission for a few hours!

Hoping to polish off a fair bit of it this afternoon.

ROCKET LIVESTREAMING — Prince Charming (NSFW Online 1/21/14)

Working on a commission,  A hunky prince, in the buff.

Drop in, say hey!


 So— I renamed the tumblr I reblog all sorts of stuff (mostly dicks) to,

It’s now:


 I think I posted a busted link before.


A Satyr!

for Rumz  (check out his work HERE)

Why, it’s a ‘Teenaged’ Werewolf. One might even say… a Teen Wolf?

Definitely not a specific Teen Wolf… definitely not. 

 Also he’s surely over 18.  But still a teen. Really.

Satyr Livestreaming! (OFFLINE) 18+

Working on a commission for Pockyrum. A Satyr-dude.  Should be pretty hot.  Drop in! 

Click through the link below

A SECOND Lycanthropic Livestream (OFFLINE) 18+

Banging more of this Teenaged Werewolf commission out. 

Drop in, I’ll be at it for awhile :)

Mathos, exploring the vastness of interstellar space, and engaging in diplomatic relations with it’s peoples.

Mathos is a creation of Aneros, whose artwork you can find HERE

Livestreaming Mathos! (OFFLINE)

Working on finishing up the Mathos Commission for Aneros. 

Will be working well into the night. Stop in. Say hey. Ask questions. Hang out. Keep me company!

A commissioned portrait of an enormous dick,  with a handsome gentleman attached.

Livestream! 18+ (OFFLINE)

 Working on a Hot Space dude exploring intergalactic life— with dicks!

I’ll be working well into the night on this so drop by when you’ve got a chance :)