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JOE PHILLIPS is putting together a book of his work, and is in the final hours of his Kickstarter. He inspired me as a lad, and I think you should join me in throwing a few bucks his way to help him meet his goal!

Commission For Tobias!

(Reposted at a higher resolution ;) )

Rocket livestream! 9/7/2014

Putting the bells and Whistles on Tobias’s commission! drop in if you can!

I did like it at this stage as well!

A commission I am likely going to revisit. But I’m happy with its
current state too!

A piece for Rumz, Check out his work!

LIVESTREAMING! ( NSFW 18+) 8/25/2014 (Offline)


Stop in! Say Hey! Working on a commission for Tobias! Should be at it for a bunch of hours.

Hey Rocket! Just wondering if you'll be live streaming anytime soon again.

 YES definitely! In the next week or so.

Livestream! - Prince Again! (1/28/14) NSFW 18+

Working on a princely commission for a few hours!

Hoping to polish off a fair bit of it this afternoon.


 So— I renamed the tumblr I reblog all sorts of stuff (mostly dicks) to,

It’s now:


A Satyr!

for Rumz  (check out his work HERE)

Why, it’s a ‘Teenaged’ Werewolf. One might even say… a Teen Wolf?

Definitely not a specific Teen Wolf… definitely not. 

 Also he’s surely over 18.  But still a teen. Really.

Mathos, exploring the vastness of interstellar space, and engaging in diplomatic relations with it’s peoples.

Mathos is a creation of Aneros, whose artwork you can find HERE